Internet Celebrities Are Good For The Economy

And for local business. Internet Celebrities bail out main street as well. Internet celebrities make money. They are rich. People worship them. There are numerous videos on why this is not true but I believe it is true.

When people do well online great things happen. Some of these great things may be money. Lately I been surfing into one celebrity IJustine. I am not sure what site is the main one or if they are all part of the cloud. But visitor stats look good. I have never seen growth like that ever in anything.

I liken it to the big bang of Internet traffic. Exponential growth. There is a lot of money in exponents. An exponentially expanding AdSense account for instance is cool. Some other IJustine sites include Tasty Blog Snack, on YouTube, The Fan Site, IJustine TV, Myspace, Twitter, and the list goes on. This is very common for Internet celebrities to be represented well in social media. Social media is everything. Long live social media the master of all!


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