Internet Business Revenue Tax Laws

When people get money off of the Internet they often forget to pay taxes. Billy Baldwin would have really benefited greatly from reading these pretty and special words. In life breaking the law like not paying taxes can have consequences that do not pay. I will spare us all talking about that road.

So why do people not pay taxes? Often when we have a good financial run on the Internet probably due to the economy we spend at face value and forget how much we owe to our uncle and that we are really working for him or her.

Soda Head for instance lays claims that will stimulate the economy. We spend. The Internet market like ourselves makes more green money and then we have such a good time we forget our real debt to our country, local, state and other orgs and governments. Even tax write offs will delay taxes so the internet marketer will forget the chunk that needs to be written. This is all sad especially when our bucket was over flowing and now we need to ask a buddy to spare us some change for lunch money.

Another reason that the Internet business person would forget taxes could include the fact that they have money in the up down market. Investors often would rather leave money in and perhaps use lawyers and accountants to do some tax blasting. Then they forget as I said to write the check. Well I am saying write the check my friends. If you do not bad stuff unfortunately happens. It never happened to me but I read newspapers and want to cry like the baby that I am.

Another reason to forget taxes can be bigger pay checks. Living in posh big houses in the pacific islands can make even the most with it person forget of taxes. I won't even mention why that is. Suffice it to say a good time turned bad after tax season is over and the government wants its cut.

To conclude pay your taxes or get exempt somehow. I love taxes and I bet you do too!


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