If You Want To Make Money Go Where The People Are

When David Blaine Does his magic he typically does it in highly populated areas. One such backdrop of many of David's recent tricks is none other than New York city.

The reason he does his magic, and stunts in New York is that no other city in the United States has so many people out in the streets. A typical quiet New York side walk at 3 AM can have more people on it than are in the entire city of Denver for instance. I think we can apply these same practices to online business. For example there are certain places that seem very traffic rich. These are places where marketers and entrepreneurs can pull stunts to drive people to conversions, leads, and ultimately some kind of money generating business.

A good place to get really good at would include twitter. With twitter the ability to generate targeted @ responses, and profile traffic often corresponds to how well you can move conversions. The amount of twitter traffic websites get has been on the rise. This traffic has also been of higher quality than it was. Marketers who gain a lot of followers and can pull buzz around themselves can effectively move the whole world to their business in one day. When I think of all of this viral traffic, I also think of the big online business profits that will result.

The cousin of twitter but no less important is the facebook. The facebook is unique in that many of its users have turned their back on the web. They follow links off of facebook but that is where their web surfing begins and ends. Facebook users also have very large personal networks. Real world friends are more likely to share a cool site online than are strangers. Imagine how many people would diss me if I spend my life promoting stuff done by other people and not myself. It is important to network on facebook. Keep an open mind. Become friends with a lot of people. Make contacts. Exchange information. The facebook is especially unique in that there are infinite ways that people can leverage facebook. Facebook has amazing rss apps that can do anything including republish your blog on it. This way you give something to the facebook and can essentially get feed readers.

The third service to bow down to is google. There are countless victims who did not take the laws of google seriously and as a result get sand boxed or banned. Spam is really at the source of what google does not like. It may make a lot of sense to set up robotic cash generating sites, or push things too far. At the end of the day google will give you less of the pie. This could severely hurt any online business. Google seems to still be the silent traffic and conversion generating warrior. For example a site that gets 34% of its traffic from twitter may in reality be getting most of it from a google aggregator of tweets turned search results. Also google's grip of the twetosphere may cause aggregators to browse people who link drop and grab the feed of the destination site of the link drop. Google works in mysterious ways, but the only thing not mysterious is getting banned. Usually people who do something get banned.

A site that plays nice and may not have the best SEO can get a lot of google traffic. This traffic will convert into money. Think ad revenue my friends. Think affiliate conversions. Think money in the bank. Ultimately still it all comes back to google. Crowd source google and you will for sure become really rich on the internet.


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