How To Save Your Business Time And Money

The number one thing that destroys a business is time. Time eats away at people's day. When people waste time their productivity goes down. The money goes away and bam the business is over. The Internet my friends is the number 1 waste of time on earth. Complex sites are designed to waste our time. For instance I love playing video games. I go through days where I play practically non stop for 14 hours online! When I finish I wonder why I had accomplished absolutely nothing! I am not alone. I have seen people get fired over wasting time online.

I have seen students fail out of school because of this. I have seen many people who get trapped. One of the biggest time wastes is when we get our once a year excellent blog article that we then spend the next week promoting across social media. A business solution may be Pixel Pipe where we can one click quickly move this stuff to our social profiles. Another place people waste a lot of time on is twitter. Twitter is great but can also take a lot out of people who take it too seriously.

For marketers who want to efficiently post hot links a such to twitter a service that they may want to look into is Lizzer. Other time hacks would include bookmarking websites like My Twitter for quick access ways to improve the business twitter conversion drives. My final thought is that using Twitter Addict is the ultimate time hack high follower count buster! Need I say more? The business revolution is here and now!

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