How To More Effectively Leverage Youtube, By Adding Links to YouTube Videos

It is no secret that leveraging YouTube traffic is big in the world of marketing. To not put a link on every video page on YouTube is probably one of the biggest marketing sins.

The expert marketers put links within the video unit itself both passively and dynamically. Doing this will further leverage your video especially in embedded player situations. Few people actually click through the video and re watch in on YouTube besides me and you. As you can tell having dynamic links in the player and video is a big deal. Marketers go even farther and have affiliate links, arbitrage links, and other deployments of smart seo features.

I could go on and on but basically if you want to make millions you should look into this. One service that helps people add linkage to their YouTube videos is Linked Tube. Another service is Splicd. If you want to add some marketing spice to the mix sprinkle on a little Vixy.


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