How To Implement Effective Advertising Strategy

I was giving this some serious thought. Let us say we have google AdSense contextual pay per click advertising. To some degree the lack of total control to what advertisement that gets served coupled with pretty strict terms of service can seriously hamper a big income rewarded to a publisher. AdSense unlike many other advertising does not really get clicked by many readers. Many reasons for this exist. The first reason is that many ads that get served may be relevant but both already a known or just something not that useful. This especially happens for publishers that are not rocking the mad search traffic and getting top AdSense bids. Secondly AdSense will not dish as much money per impression or run up the clicks unless it is in certain spots doing certain functions of a website. Most publishers do not want AdSense doing what it does best for many reasons. The first is that no matter how great the template is, AdSense somehow messes with user experience and navigation. These two things could be vital in driving links. If the website just does not feel that good to the average visitor then the website will never really goes viral, and get super big. Many great bloggers add conditions, to making the AdSense ads display. In most cases they want the ads to be present, to the highly profitable search traffic, and not present to other traffic. Doing this will in the long run increase search traffic, through increase subscribers, links , visitor time, etc. Other probloggers rotate AdSense, with ad programs like Widget Bucks which can improve ctr greatly. Affiliate marketing can also be extremely profitable. Affiliate links lie in the posts. Posts can be linked off of the main page, creating profitable in site landing pages. Never Blue, Commission Junction, The Pepper jam Network, Market Leverage, and Amazon are some popular affiliate networks. Because affiliate marketing is product orientated, there needs to be a bit more on site marketing, to make these things really go. It is important to keep in mind that the best affiliate ads, are prepoppable, and have landing pages, that quickly get people to the forms.


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