How Many Followers Do You Have On Twitter

With twitter replacing blogging as the new hot thing the ultimate question for many marketers is how well they do on twitter. Twitter is often a parallel to blogging where some work can make a huge difference. I was recently reading a good SEO blog that claimed that people needed to give social media a break once in awhile. This may not be true with twitter. With the twitter stream such a hot traffic driver and with twitter followers generating a gigantic passive traffic network most people do not tweet enough. Most people do not bounce ideas around enough on twitter. And most people do not care enough about it.

Then my friends we have Plurk. I believe that the best way to get friends on twitter is to leverage sites like plurk. Bounce links in. Link the accounts. Follow people on plurk who are on twitter etc. Find you blogs and use them to leverage twitter and plurk. Many people do not realize the mad traffic they can get with a few tweet this types of widgets on their blogs. Am I the only one who sees the explosive meme potential in the whole re tweet widget thinger? The word meme should be changed to tweme!


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