How Do I Sell My Online Stuff Like Sites and Domains

The number one hardest thing online is to sell digital goods and services. There are many reasons for this.

Number one online classifieds consider people selling domains for example a form of spam.

Number two unless this product is reaching its intended audience no one will even look.

And number 3 people tend to hold on to these things till they expire. My advice is to sell all of your old sites and related stuff. Believe me people really want them and would actually pay you money.

It is much easier to blog on a site that is established or tweak a business to have it drive home profits rather than start at square A. Garden variety Internet businesses sell starting at the thousands price range and go up from there. It is always smart to list things on the pricey side. If you want these things to sell the craigslist of the digital world is the Site Point Market Place.


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