Have You Heard Of Twitter A MicroBlogging Community Platform

Twitter is taking over the world. Explosive growth has been the friend of twitter. I think that the success that it has afforded many people, the ease of use and the great community has made twitter the new favorite.

I remember thinking when twitter cam out what the hype was about. It does not matter if people think twitter is dumb it drives traffic. This rocks. Twitter has made more careers and famous people in the last year. If you want to get Internet famous stop blogging and start tweeting.

If you want to have more fun spend a night in with twitter and thousands of your closest friends.

I believe twitter is the next big thing. It is happening it is here. These are the days that all marketers are talking about. The twitter land rush. All you need is a million followers which is easier than my space or face book. Let's win the game together.


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