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American Entrepreneur is an excellent blog read. The site is also promoting what I think is an e book on the Internet's hottest service called twitter. There was actually a comment on this blog around the lines of 'how can anyone make money on twitter?' The answer is easy.

Promoting products or businesses on twitter is probably the most important tool on the net today. Just start dropping affiliate links in your tweets and if you have a lot of followers just watch the conversions come in. Obviously complex marketing is not that simple. It may help to have more tactics but marketers will for example make an account for each product that they sell. So when people sign into the account for your self published books on amazon for instance that is exactly what they are expecting. They will not consider this spam.

Marketing is complex my friends.

There are a million apps to automate tweets and other things to like a thousand accounts at once. Then marketers take advantage of retweeting and tweet mixing and the list goes on. Never again do I hope people say stuff that twitter can't make them money. Twitter is the single most profitable social site on earth. Think social media millionaire. Ah that sounds wonderful.


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