Getting Banned From Google is the Biggest Mistake Anyone Can Make

The number one reason people loose traffic to their website or blog is getting banned from google. Most blogs receive around 70 percent of their traffic from google. For anyone scratching their head thinking how is this so? The reason is that I also count residual traffic after google as part of google. What many bloggers think is social media traffic is actually from google itself. Do not be surprised when your blog that has been getting consistent traffic daily all of a sudden takes a dive for the worst. Rank Quest has a great article on what google is looking for. I will not go into all specifics of getting google banned but the most important thing is to avoid any triggers. As soon as you step on a land mine for instance google will yank the rug from under you. When this happens not even your social bookmarks can save you. They may be in google but who wants to click onto a site just to click again? We are all tailored only to click through the social media rock stars so the likes of the famous, rich and special may be more immune to this phenomena. More likely when your site gets banned you may have to take out AdWords and wait out the storm. I can not stress enough checking through you site day in and out to see if really anything is there that could harm you. Redundant content, links to virus filled bad sites, umm and anything else you have heard from the fear google a lot meme that is out there.


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