The Future Of Blogs IS Mobile Blogging (Article)

Many people ask where the Internet and blogging are going. I am a firm believer that the inclusion of diverse apps, multimedia functions like video, and good touch pad navigation is making mobile phones the blogging medium of choice. People can upload things onto blogs and leave a quick blurb anywhere. The increased popularity of sites like twitter and tumblr, I suspect will further heighten the popularity of the microblogging medium. The facebook for instance presents our life in this stream. People who are really into facebook have an app for everything especially things that help bring their content to the facebook or from the facebook onto other services. This I think is the future a kind of open id to anywhere for everybody. The technology that is bridging these gaps is reducing the need for people to do annoying things over and over again like back in the day watching those annoying spinney things for uploads till they stop and bam ready. Blogger for instance has been really big in the mobile blogging area. With the google phone, an iPhone, blackberry or any other smart phone I can shoot the content onto my blogs from anywhere. This is going to help gain the popularity of life stream type of content. As the technology to facilitate this improves and people better understand how to communicate their experiences mobile blogging will Begin to play a more active part in people's lives outside of the tech community or people of immediate interests to mobile technology. Wordpress is another active player in the mobile blogging scene.


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