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There is a lot to be said of giving something free. Conceptually it does not make sense economically. After all there is no such thing as a free lunch. Free can come back to benefit a business. Apple for instance is giving away free lessons on iPhone programming. The whole point of this is to broaden the number of people creating iPhone apps. The more useful iPhone apps that there are the more useful the iPhone becomes. This should help iPhone sales and help the bottom line of the company. The buzz of this and the effects should also help iPhone keep the hype on the company as gen 3 iPhone is released. The concept of free can be applied across the Internet. The blogs that do the best give something for free. A major part of this is the so called blogs that teach something. Critics of this movement claim that there are too many fakes getting started. As we see a lot of people fake it to the top. I personally have nothing against this or the fact that many amateurs are now top bloggers. In my mind that is great. These people also learned a lot along the way gaining some type of authority, and the people reading their blog probably gain a lot also. I firmly believe that this freebie business model works well. Online advertising in some ways has gotten better. Building websites gets easier every day. And free online communities for instance can be set up with PPC ads and turn into cash machines. There is nothing wrong with charging for services either. This model can crumble as more people expect more stuff online to be free. The google freebies have lead to this. As a result gaining programming knowledge can help to construct business models that sustain income for free. Twitter may be free but like how much is google going to buy it for again?

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