The Dummies Guide To Online Marketing

Being an online marketer is a relatively simple task. Find niches, sell stuff in them, and figure out how to increase this. The most common mistake of any online marketer is to make a website and expect the content to sell for itself. In reality a website can have tons of traffic and make no money off of advertising. On the other hand a website can literally have zero traffic yet make millions of dollars. The difference is that a marketer knows how to ping a website, use specific keywords, and use the best ads available to get the affiliate codes into aggregators! Imagine how much your product would sell if the ad is located within google and yahoo product directories that are browsed by zillions of people. Imagine how much higher the product conversion rates would be in major media sites like google, yahoo and other players in the search and social game. I am not talking about begging for links or spamming. I am rather talking about creating effective product pages that will be front and center in the worlds largest online shopping malls. Marketers often get space ahead of the product company they are marketing. Unless you are the million dollar affiliate the companies will go ape if you eat into their keywords. Marketers definitely get around this. Often hot non product key words for the searching eye delivers the quick buys. The reason for this is simple. People who do not know what they are looking for are more apt to compulsively consume. A great example is the candy in the front of the stores. People go into the store with no intention of buying candy but leave with junk food at a mere 60 percent of their food bill. The Internet is a hard place by nature to navigate so marketers set up road signs that save people time and money. These affiliate ads often contain better deals than any real store. The ad itself is extremely important. If the advertisement has no bit, no free something, and no real call to action it is worthless. For instance you can have amazing ads for great services but without a bit you will get zero takers even with a million impressions a day. I will stop here because I lost my train of thought. Paul knows more than I do. He wants you to become his partner. I saw the video it was sweet. Millions per year? Paul did this! Check it out.


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