The Death Of A Blogger's Ego

Many people forget that in order to make money there must be some drive to convert online traffic. Many bloggers who want to become a hot blog often forget the importance of merely reporting on the most popular topics and stories of the day. These high traffic stories for instance can make google news and send the traffic to your blog through the roof.

If you can keep in the google and yahoo hot news stories consistently, and your blog gives people reasons to stay they you can become an A list blogger very quickly. Other ways of bringing in blog traffic is having a self reflexive blog. In most cases top bloggers bring a little of their personality to the website. This can help identify a site audience, and reinforce brand identity. The most popular personalities are very real people, who call things like they are. It is very important to be who you are.

People relate to real people who do real things online. I believe that the most financially successful bloggers and businesses do not have the whole notion of ego. Most people are not out to save the world, but merely survive with all limbs intact. Most people understand that they have to help themselves to the money. I have nothing wrong with people who do stuff online with no profit motive but people must also realize that those things are exactly that. Often the impact of defining a business sense can be a major tipping point in the online experience of people. The pieces come together when others know what we are all about.

People find fewer faults in a profit machine, or finely tuned website then they do in a personal blog. This is just life. I wish it were the other way around. But online for many people money is everything. It is hard to separate money from anything. Money has become one with online culture and the cult chasing those green things is all powerful. I was watching Blip Tv and was struck in the continuity in how branding effected the popularity of every single video. Perception is extremely powerful online and may be the main driving force behind success. Many times it is important to invest the time, talent, and treasure in creating these tools to further increase your online perception and identity. Videos, blogs, websites, businesses all have reasonable costs that justify the revenue.

Recently I got a comment on a wordpress blog of mine about how great the template was. The 3d clear earth is a hell of an emblem of my theme of world business. People get this stuff. But the whole event made me think how important perfection and perception really are. The fact that people do not spend more time and money getting these things right is beyond me. I got lucky I stumbled on that great template and it still wows me today. A professional template can be a major tipping point of a blog or website. The value of this cannot be deciphered. Many people consider free templates to be just as good as premium templates.

But some premium ones are hot and relatively low priced. 15 bucks is not bad considering a template that can convert normal bloggers into probloggers just with a change of scenery and feature rich matrix. I feel the death of a blogger's ego occurs when they decide to pay the price to do what it takes. To grab the greens. To grab the traffic. To ultimately succeed. The rest can sit and watch. Scoff. But in the end it does not really matter. Nothing really matters in the scheme of things. But if you want to make money online there is a certain learning curve, a price, and a bit of effort required.


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