The Dark Side of Social Media

Social media is great for traffic. On the other hand the people coming to a site from social media tend to be negative. Call them trolls or what have you. I personally do not even read the comments when I suspect a troll or a spammer because this crap happens like every day. I am just over it. If people do this to you do not be afraid of closing the comments down. I did this once and twenty people said stuff like turn your comments on I want to comment. I suspect they were lying to me just so I would end up quitting. That is the whole secret that I learned from a comment I made on a top blog. The reply I got was that he just avoids the whole social scene! I could not agree more. As a result I spend almost no time on social sites. I may link drop here or there. But overall I realized that my social site time was draining and pointless. It was even worse when these people followed me to my blog and kept telling me stuff like that it sucked and how I was an idiot. These people are fools. At the end of the day I think they wet their beds.


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