Cutting Through The Bubbles A Stock Investment Primer

I am not an expert investor. (I only play one on Television HA!) But what I do know is the value in a good dividend. I also know that stocks are the way to go. So what happened then? What happened my friends is too much trust in an arbitrary money system.

True millionaires only believe in real money. Here is a story. Two friends walk down a beach. Occasionally there may be a Pennie, a piece of sea glass or some other piece of 'junk' on the beach. On person picks up a piece of sea glass. This person says to the other why are you trying to find every lost coin in the sand. I believe the beauty of the sea glass is worth more than the coin.

This can be applied to the market. Companies that exhibit real value and are more than a typical ponzi scam are the real gyms in the stock market regardless of where their value goes. Pyramids look cooler in books and not in your pocket book. Put that quote in your face book profile or twitter page.

This will make you gonzo profits just words that rang true to your ears. The video game industry is a great play.


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