Corruption Generally Hurts Business

I enjoy reading a blog or two about corruption. It is always good I think to know of these things. Educated people are extremely dangerous to dangerous people. At the same time it is easy for anyone in business to become corrupt after all it seems like everybody loves this stuff. Whether it be scamming the consumer, participating in crazy pyramid schemes, or doing big time fraud, these types of things hurt a business over time. People who play by the rules usually get their returns in the long run. Think of playing fair as a good investment. Play good build your business. It will grow like a seed into a plant into a tree. Business is easy like that. An investment of the mind and of time always pays its mad dividends. On the other hand take a student who cheats a paper. When this person gets caught there are consequences. This stuff goes on record, the kid might get expelled. I say it is much easier to just get the ole Dee minus and get on with life. Play even and win the game.


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