Bringing it all Back Home On Friendfeed

I am a big advocate of bringing all of the goods together. If you have two sites it would not hurt to shoot a few links between them. If you have a social media profile then shoot links from that profile to your sites. From your sites shoot a link back to your social profiles. This will help you retain visitors and increase subscribers substantially. There are many online social communities with the sole purpose of bringing all of our online stuff together. We make friends here and leverage our own stuff on a feed. Friendfeed is the first site that comes to mind. On friendfeed people have feeds from social profiles and blogs. This is a great way to build connections with people and increase people subscribed up to your blog for instance. Many great alternatives to friendfeed also exist. A few are:


Social Thing

Second Brain

Blog Catalog


Leverage that social media and you will start to see more traffic, links and money. It is all one big organism.


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