Bring Your Blog Or Web Business To A Job Fair

Job fairs are a great place to recruit guest post authors and other online collaborations. People in college for instance may really need the exposure. They may feel that writing on established sites like yours increases their visibility to become famous and get a book deal.

Your heavy hitting magic link will instantaneously give authority. You will win with better content. You may get a template out of a computer science student, or an online social community from a programmer. When people work together the sky is the limit. This is a true cliche. The cliche tastes even better when you are the boss. If you have a website my friends you are a winner and are light years ahead of the game. If you have social profiles you are a winner and ahead of the curve. If you feel the Internet is the future than you won again. You can use this influence to get people who do not understand to do things for you. This is where the whole theory of matching your clipboard to your shirt.

This is how business works. Just put out a phony sign, register your business, and you are set. People need magic in their lives. Their day to day 9 to 7 sucks and they want out. Their lives are so dead end that they will definitely help your for free. You pay them back by a magical tech business recommendation. See you can have value even if you have no money.

You get their material. You profit and help them get ahead in life. I call that collaboration to overcome the powers that be. This is how millionaires and leaders are made. Put these ideas into a reality and you will see your life change, you will change the lives of the people around you, and you will save the world.


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