Blogs That Are Ahead Of The Curve

I firmly believe that in order to succeed in the blog world we must be more than one step ahead of the game. Way too many bloggers are followers, flip floppers, and not leaders and decision makers.

For me I am the exact opposite. I wish I could live in a tend and eat twigs and berries all of my life. Ah the simpler life!

But back to my topic. Tonight is an especially fruitful blog surfing time for me. This one blog Naked Imagination seems crazy good. It is about technology and its effects on the world. Few bloggers take the time to step back and look at the repercussions of technology on society.

I realize this as I was recently playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 how different it is now in 2009 versus 2002 when the game supposedly took place. I was amazed how the game made very keen observations on how technology effected life even then. I felt blinded.

On one hand I take this stuff for granted and I hardly notice it. On the other hand technology is having a profound impact on my life and the stuff that happens. It all comes back to checking email. That is very annoying so I never check it.

But I think we are aimed at bigger and better things. I just hope computers will one day be free. $100 for an over priced piece of plastic with some strange metals and chemicals on the inside! Wow space aliens would be shocked. They get computers for free I am sure. They also probably hack the Internet and are on this website as we speak. That is what the unexplained web traffic is all about!


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