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I am about to share with you some top secret information. The question is what social media site is the best for blog marketing. The first answer is all. My second answer is Facebook, Technorati, and Twitter. These are the power triad. Leverage these things and google will love you too. You want some other tips? Try feed burner. Burning your feed and popping that magic subscriber counter widget is worth its weight in gold. Show off your subscribers. Love your people. My third blog marketing tip? Ping your way to google's heart. Pinging leverages aggregators. Pay specific attention to how much google traffic you get on Alexa. If you get banned stop the pinging. The fourth magic tip? Pop videos into your post. Love the vlog. Love the live broadcast. Love the podcast. Love the online radio. Bring the media on. It is a magic traffic driver even if you put the blog to rest for awhile. A single video will draw magic to your blog. The fifth tip is marketing is all in the design. Find your groove. How is your content going to be laid out. Get feedback from the pros at blog catalog. They know everything. The sixth tip is know your product. Go to the mall. See what is hot. Promote that affiliate program. It will work like magic. I am a PC. Ha. Just kidding but know your electronics. Love em. Use them. Blog them. Follow the money trail. It is a yellow brick road. Um I forgot where I was going with this so leave a comment to cover my missing links. I would love you for that.

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