Blog Advertising Effectiveness

Blogs are hard to monetize through advertising. Some bloggers do great with sponsors, ppc and affiliate opportunities while others struggle to get paid less and less. Many marketers claim the ability of a blog to monetize amounts to nothing more than hype. Whether this be true or not there are some things that bloggers can do to increase the effectiveness of their blog monetization strategies.

1. Place advertising in prime locations.

Above the fold, in the blog roll, underneath posts, in the content are all effective places for integrated contextual advertising campaigns. Simple placement increases ad revenue regardless of ad strategy or tools.

2. Increase ad targeted traffic.

Advertisers make it no secret that they will pay a lot of money for some key words and absolutely nothing for others. Research keywords to effectively leverage important search and social traffic.

3. Diversify your monetization strategy.

Ad rotators, periodically changing positions, types of advertising and even ad companies and advertisers has a lot of potential for making a blog even more money.

Some Conclusions:

Monetizing blogs is not easy but can be done. More than anything trial and error in testing ad channels is very important because ultimately generating an advertising revenue is directly correlated with leveraging relevant markets and using the right technologies to do so.


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