Bit Torrents Under Fire

Have you heard of pirate bay? The bit torrent where people can download for free stuff protected under copy right law? Well the law has cracked down on the torrent. The celebrated owner of pirate bay is on the skids. I am not surprised YouTube has been cracking down on copyright lately as well. Opponents would argue that we are under different laws now. People for instance make more money on free sharable content then they did when this stuff was for sale. John Chow actually called this story awhile back. He claimed torrents were proceed at your own risk. Well situations like this may be a good reminder for anyone with these files on their computers to either trash the machine or delete the files. Usually the law is more lenient on people with good intentions who take it into their own hands instead of draining monetary resources in the legal systems of the world. Remember what happened to those music down loaders back in the day? When Napster went from free to money? History repeats itself. Just do not steal this amazing post. I will sue you for a million. Just kidding I am on your side. The laws just ain't. If you want to cheer up click the banner below. A free computer is what I call a little materialism therapy.


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