The Biggest Sin In Marketing

I am amazed at how many sites try to trick their way to profits. It is much easier to talk about a product, post a link, a picture, perhaps a banner or two. Boom you have conversions. Something else that amazes me is the amount of ppc sites out there. Affiliate advertising will make you much more money. Pop the banner with the $100+ conversions and your bank will blow up much quicker than the 10c per click that ppc is giving people. Another thing that amazes me is websites with no monetization what so ever. Why? What is the reason for this? Where are you going with that site? What is covering the hosting bills? Is it really worth spending years promoting a free website on twitter? Is it really worth creating just another online social profile? What are your objectives with this? My whole point is that marketing requires strict objectives. People can pretty easily say that they want to make 100 bucks online in a day and do it. I have seen video game blogs with 3 posts turn into money buckets. That is the dot com life style pushing what can be done. It is easy having haters when the money rolls in. It is easy being selfish, spending no time on social media. Hogging all of your work and content. Paying the price and getting the rewards. Marketers do this. The world still spins the next day. Most people would rather go to work a few hours a day on their computer than commute precious hours during the 5 week days. Is the work week really sustainable? Health statistics would say no. Is working for a boss really rewarding? Polls would say definitely not. Is promoting someone Else's product really that cool? Do not be silly! Get online my friends. Get your social profiles up. Get approved affiliate programs and start product review sites. Build social communities. Design sites that can be flipped. Blog about anything you want. Get a personal blog. I would read it. I am not kidding. Blog about funny things. Blog about random things. Start a product review site. The Internet is a relatively small place. The Internet rewards people. The Internet is not chopping wood. The Internet is not hauling the world's garbage. The Internet is not taking orders in a silly uniform, with silly name tags. The Internet is your own business. The Internet is the future. The Internet is the life of millions of people around planet earth. The Internet is the future of commerce. The Internet is the future of society. The Internet is the future of marketing. People on the Internet get it. People on the Internet see the future trends. People on the Internet are well informed. People on the Internet interpret the world. The believe in things. They grow as people. They defy expectations. They show up their friends. They influence people in high places. They find their way into high paying jobs. They make money when the rest of the world is in shambles gripped in greed, corruption, and pure stupidity. The Internet is big my friends. It is no frontier. Rather it is the biggest city on earth. The Internet is a huge base of knowledge that revolutionizes the lives of people every durn nano second. The Internet travels faster than the world! The Internet is being watched in space by aliens. The Internet is the ultimate revolution. Now my friends please question your own urges when your mind and other people tell you there is no opportunity online to make money. Or that the Internet is silly. People have their delusions. People are crazy. Do not loose the fait. Together we can do big things. Make big money. Fly like an eagle.


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