The Best Internet Business Plan: Get In, Get Conversions, Get Out

There is a vast misconception about online business. The theory is that the money is just in a few more thousand blog posts. More blog posts will make you more money but please look at the bigger picture.

There were sites back in 1995 that had a service. The service was a simple conversion. The site was no blog. It was simple. The site owner made millions a year. 5 years later sells the site and retires from the Internet with the cash. Many people did this through studying a book about programming for a week.

I believe that people can succeed this easily. Some of the most profitable sites out there are very simple concepts. Some of the best blogs are merely a person chronicling their day to day existence. Some of the best affiliate commissions are in a simple product review, or store front add on app.

I personally believe in the business law of futility. This law states that if we are doing something and not much comes of it we must change what we do rather than repeat the same thing over and over.

Many people come into the Internet think they will do what they want and walk away with google cash. The truth is that there is more money in planned experiences, specific conversions and business plans. Make a members area of your site even if your blog is free. The members area may be some good tools you developed, some special pictures, games, video or anything else worth paying for online.

Turn your blog or site into a business rather than thinking some round about way things will change. Self publish and use that as a conversion rather than expect a book deal directly from your blog. Some day things may be differently but generally people who rationally act to create conversions get them.


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