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Robert Kiyosaki is as much an inspiration as he is a mentor.

Robert penned the famous book rich dad poor dad.

Now Robert Kiyosaki is educating people across the world. Few people have been so instrumental in teaching the world about the lifestyle changes, and mindset that it takes to become very wealthy.

Robert Kiyosaki is on PBS alot.

One of my favorite pointers that I will probably say wrong is that people who buy stuff that might make them more money will get richer than people who buy stuff that is worthless after.

My other favorite from the show is that the bankers look at how the money moves to determine wealth. The rich use their money to get richer and enjoy.

The poor save their money.

Well I do not know the real lesson.

You will have to go to his seminar to get the real tips.

Or buy his famous book.


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