Affiliate Tools For Super Affiliates

Making money in affiliate marketing can be complicated. Many times google analytics does not cover every stone that needs to be unturned. This is why for example shoemoney is always selling his wonderful tools. Tools may not be the most exciting thing to look at, after all I would rather just stare at my affiliate earnings all day long. Nevertheless gaining access to the best resources can help your online money journey a lot. Some people even make their own affiliate programs. A good software candidate for this is JAM. Basically jam allows you to create a company where you can have affiliates promoting your product. Even if you do not get conversions you will get traffic. Generally no matter how long you allow cookies people will delete them so there is an added value where people are promoting your site and you do not have to pay them unless you have trackers. But the real money is being on the back end of the affiliate gold rush. Marketing is great but why not become the market.


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