Affiliate Marketing Is The Bread and Butter of The Make Money Online Industry

Pay per click is a great way of making money online. Affiliate advertising is even better. There are many reasons for this. Because there is less control on ads served in ppc few people have the ability to truly rock it. With affiliate marketing people can sell stuff from their blog, or make a profitable product site. Affiliate marketing is actually easier than people think. Pay per click for instance can not monetize social media like affiliate advertising can. PPC does not have a long tail like affiliate advertising does. And PPC does not have percentage sale payouts like affiliate advertising does. In the percentage of sale game the affiliate advertisement will if you are patient get cleaned out. This is much akin to a store where one person comes in and purchases a lot of stuff. This happens online as well. Why would this occur? People have deadlines and a life. They need stuff quick. The Internet has the fast delivery. As the make money online crowd uses high quality affiliate programs they can be assured that their traffic only comes across the best products. In some ways we all win. That is what is so satisfying about online affiliate advertising. Just think of yourself as the modern door to door sales person. I Love Affiliate advertising. Some affiliate advertising companies may include:

Forex Affiliate

Affiliate Window

Affiliate Bot

Azoogle Ads

More Niche

Revenue Gateway


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