4 Online Social Communities That Are Crazy Good

Twitter is all I ever talk about. I could say twitter so many times that it becomes some other word. I am not sure that is really a good thing to evolve into. Social media rules and the second anyone puts their whole life into one site, then bam they made a mistake. Sites come and go. Their feeds and effects are forever. People do not just become an unfriend when a social site ups and leaves. Friends pinkie swear that they will stick it out forever. Here are a few more communities that you can exercise your pinkies in:

We Love Local connects people and business on a local level. This concept my friends is way ahead of its time!

Soda Head connects questions and answers in a techie app filled happy go lucky type of way. If you spend a lot of time you will be bubbling off of all of that virtual soda!

Shyftr brings all of your social activity into one site, them builds a community platform on top of that. Look for this site to do some big and amazing things in the future!

Second Brain is the future of app deluxe amazing social bookmarking revolution. Imagine a time when the votes rule the world. That time is today or tomorrow depending on when you sign up for Second Brain!

To conclude these 4 social communities rock. If you have any more questions please shoot me one on Plurk! I probably can't answer them but I will ask my own! That is what I call the question matrix!


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