4 Great Sites That Power Blogger Blogs, Social Media Masters and Yes Love

We all hate blogs right? Wrong. They rock like its 2003! That is why we are here. Well we must promote their crazy blogs till they become an epic anti fail. Share This is a powerful app widget thinger that allows other people to promote your site. Why is this good? We all love to promote our site but in reality our twitter followers for example are mad sick of it. But if someone else promotes our site to their followers, diminished returns has not taken into effect yet. The result? A viral traffic gold rush to your big bad blog for years to come. Now wouldn't that suck? Secondly Kick Apps. Most people well at least I do want the same community building apps on the blogs and websites that face book users get. Kick Apps turns your blog into your social site, your social profile and makes it kick snake! Thirdly we want to do one thing and have all social sites with our page on them to go crazy. This could potentially create a traffic rush. Traffic rushes rock! So how to we rock the rush? Try Ping FM. Ping FM is a lot like the control center of our online rocket ship. We fly in circles when we whirlwind promote ourselves. Ping FM is the time warp where we hit a button and end up in another galaxy. Boom. I hear a traffic rush. I can hear the feet of all of the people running all over my blog. Isn't this wonderful? We then need to see the results of our actions. That is where Social Thing comes into play. Social thing is a good speed gauge. We can see the comments pile up. Then bam respond and we are the king of the Internet. It is really that simple. What am I missing here?


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