3 Blogs That I Like Sorta Related To Internet Business

The blogs that I am reading this morning are:

-Web 2 Marketing

-Benjamin Teo

-Financial Facts

Check them out...

To be honest my favorite thing in the world to do is read blogs.

A long time ago in the dark ages I loved sitting in the back of gigantic libraries and just grab random picture books. I would opening these books up.

One book would be about skateboarding in California in the 70s, while the next book would be about the impacts of industry on east Georgia. These books were a great escape from my real life living in the same city I always lived in, doing the same things, and knowing the same people.

The Internet my friends is much better than these books. First of all the Internet does not discriminate once people can get on. There are plenty of free outlets for people to do their best with their resources. Back in the day of books it was more what family people came from to get published.

Now days the web is dynamically moving in crazy waves of energy. The web is so dynamic that people set cameras next to their computer and rant of their life, or people upload their pictures in real time. People then add stuff to the stuff. With the highways changing exponentially every day the web is probably the most exciting thing that I know of on earth.

Blogs are one consequence of the evolution of the personal Internet. Blogs continue to evolve and have a tremendous impact on the way people perceive the world. If you have an idea and put it online, inevitably someone will pick it up and clone it. Inevitably this idea will circle the world. The power of the idea in online media is actually incredibly substantial.

This ability to change the world is what sets today's Internet apart from yesterdays books. The Internet is not about tired writers selling out for a lame paycheck but rather an amazing place of mixes and matches. Things happen online.


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