10 Signs a Blogger Has Made It

1. A lot of traffic. Great blogs are viral 24 7.

2. Mad conversions. Some sites do not get a lot of traffic but convert well. Because of this traffic is not everything.

3. Comments. Great Blogs have many comments.

4. Links. There is always a link cloud surrounding all great blogs.

5. They look great. It should all make sense.

6. The blogger also finds success in the main stream. Most A list bloggers cross over once in awhile.

7. They dominate the meme of the day. Many blogs can write the same story. Yet the most popular blog gets the attention for it.

8. People in social media respect this person or people. Blogging does that. It gets a lot of respect online.

9. The traffic brings to the blog many subscribers. Subscribers are a litmus test of any great blog. Drive more subscribers in and get more respect.

10. People call these bloggers to talk at social media conventions.


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