10 Marketing Success Stories

'Just recently I stumbled on a marketers landing page. The video claimed that he could teach you how to make a million in only a few minuites. The cost? 60 bucks. This is an addictive call to action. So I said I have to get the affiliate program.'

Marketing is much like this story. We can see from behind the scenes what is going on. Yet beneath the smoke and screens there is a stroke of genious. That smarts is what pays the bills. Pay your bills by doing this:

1. Have a story. All marketers have a creation story. How did you go from rags to riches. What was the crux of what you learned. How can you teach that to us.

2. Frame your story with a branded name. All marketers have a name and story. Think back to reality tv where people's names coincide with their personality. This branding is a powerful marketing tool in itself. The name is everything.

3. Blow other marketer's landing pages away. Find out who the best marketers are. Take their convention. Put your own twist on it. Then go to the next level.

4. Get people to give you testimonials. It helps to have real people you helped make money online. Even if this is an appreciative friend who you gave a single tip to get them to write a positive review of your program.

5. Have social links off of your landing pages. Let the world know that you are real and even if they do not want your e book they can still be your friend on myspace.

6. Give something free. Get zip and email submits and free access for a few months. This will draw more people to action. If people do not act you will be looking at zero conversions.

7. Do not lie to your consumer. This may constitute fraud. Many marketers forget this and get into trouble. It is much easier to be honest and meek than greedy and busted. Time will ensure your victory. Just be patient.

8. Have an affiliate program.

9. Band with other marketers and offer both programs for the price of one. This will get em every time.

10. Be yourself. Real people sell more stuff online. That is probably true.

To conclude you have an expert marketer within you. Let the muse sing.

PS I have seen a few marketers wear sketchers. They are cool shoes!

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