Business On Twitter

Making a fortune on twitter is easy. The hard part is getting away from the computer. Business on Twitter is a blog that covers the business end of the tweetosphere.


Nablr Rocks

Nablr is a great use of pligg in creating an online community.


Textgasm The Secret World OF Secret Texts

Textgasm is a website where people can have their secrets posted to twitter the world's best social experience website.


How Can I More Successfully Market On Twitter?

Multimedia is always better than single media whatever that means. So bring some of it to your tweets. Try Twit Pic. This content enhancer will also strengthen your search and 3rd party traffic significantly even if you only tweet a picture once in a blue moon.


How To Leverage Twitter Hash Tags Turning Tweets Into Money

The world has fallen in love with the brain child of the Internet called Twitter. Twitter rocks and rolls with the world. Hash Tags are implied labels. They work by putting the # in front of a word in your tweet. An example of me using a hash might look like #makemoneyonline click this link. Obviously there are infinite ways to leverage this. Hash tags can be thrown into short winded tweets or merely off linking tweet. More popular and relevant tags are more likely to go viral. For example #adsensealternatives will help someone target people to enjoy a great blog post about the many excellent alternatives to google AdSense. Hash Marks are especially effective when communicating with other people.


Make A Secret Tweet To Win The Life Journey Game

I love twitter so much that I am seriously planning to legally change my name to twitter. My full name will be twitter tweet plurk! Do not laugh I am completely and utterly serious. So too is the site Secret Tweet. I did a secrete self promotional tweet for and hopefully they will pop it. Unfortunately they may not because it makes them feel silly when people use them for their followers. On the other hand maybe they are chill and would be happy to. Check it out.


Twittin Secrets : How To Win The Twitter Game Multiple Times

Twitter rocks. Twittin' Secrets is a site of free twitter secrets. Join the community. This will help promote your own links which is what we are all after the social traffic rush.


Dream Template

Dream Template is a template site that has an affiliate program.


Real Estate Technology Guide: My Tech Opinion

My Tech Opinion is a site that helps people use technology in the field of real estate.


Mollom Will Reduce Blog Spam

Mollom is a spam protection download.


John Chow Is A Twitter Marketing Genious

Twitter rules. John Chow created Twitter Follower. Basically the site helps people gain twitter followers from scratch.

I would use this service but I have maxed out the amount of people I can follow. I will definitely use this service if I get a follower spike and can stay below the limit.

On the other hand the Twitter Follower may eliminate me because I do not robo follow everyone. Nevertheless John Chow as always is ahead of the curve. A real visionary.


Twitter Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business Mad Money

The worst mistake any person online could make today is not being on Twitter. Twitter is fundamentally the most important online tool on earth. To call twitter an online social community is an understatement. Twitter is life.

The second biggest mistake any business could make is not utilizing Twt Apps. Applications allow business to more easily integrate twitter into their life. It is apps that create runaway twitter profits and it is apps that put the smile on the face of many people. The third worst twitter mistake is in who you associate with. As a general rule following people with the most friends will get you the most friends. But do not expect a lot of reciprocity.

Do not follow completely in your niche. If you do this then the viral follow of your business simply will not happen. As a rule of thumb do not just unfollow people because it is the trend. Be generous and do not just unfollow people who go on long vacations. They are often the true dot com millionaires.

I firmly believe in relocating a business to another state may very well increase your twitter followers. According to California is the leading US state for twitter. I will continue this article about the twitter quest so peace and have a good day.


Affiliates World

Affiliates World is an affiliate company.


Zara Mart

Zara Mart sells stuff from Israel and has an affiliate program.



Need a new affiliate company program? Try Affiliano.


Shop Wurld

Need an affiliate shopping program? Shop Wurld is your answer.



Apptix is an email and phone related communication affiliate program.


Pills Money

When I get sick I pop herbal pills. They make me feel good. Others do the same. Pills Money is an affiliate program related to pills.


Croc Mint

The croc shoes invaded the world. Now Croc Mint an affiliate program is ready to line your wallet with money.


Empire Concepts Ads

Empire Concepts Ads is an online advertising company.



JetBull is an affiliate program on sports related programs.


India Herbs

India Herbs is an herbal affiliate program.


247 Host

There is a huge market in web hosting. 247 Host has an affiliate opportunity.


Music 44

Music 44 is a book and music affiliate opportunity.


Let's Talk

Let's Talk is a mobile phone related affiliate program. Remember all of the millionaires made from the ring tone market?


I Do 24

I Do 24 is an affiliate program for hotels which is an astronomical online market. Think Expedia, and Price Line commercials.



Camsense is a web cam affiliate program. Make money online is more than a phrase. It is a lifestyle.


Affiliate Tools For Super Affiliates

Making money in affiliate marketing can be complicated. Many times google analytics does not cover every stone that needs to be unturned. This is why for example shoemoney is always selling his wonderful tools. Tools may not be the most exciting thing to look at, after all I would rather just stare at my affiliate earnings all day long. Nevertheless gaining access to the best resources can help your online money journey a lot. Some people even make their own affiliate programs. A good software candidate for this is JAM. Basically jam allows you to create a company where you can have affiliates promoting your product. Even if you do not get conversions you will get traffic. Generally no matter how long you allow cookies people will delete them so there is an added value where people are promoting your site and you do not have to pay them unless you have trackers. But the real money is being on the back end of the affiliate gold rush. Marketing is great but why not become the market.


Odin Jobs

Currently many people need jobs. Even people who work online may need a job if their niche dries up. Odin Jobs is a job site that also has an affiliate program. Imagine helping people get jobs and making money at the same time. With Odin Jobs that dream can come true. Now do not come blaming me when you win the Nobel Prize just for being a top Odin Jobs affiliate!


Go I Marketing

Go I Marketing has an affiliate program for its various web services.


C9 Network

The C9 Network is an affiliate network for health related products.


Why People With Computer Skills Should Always Work Alone

It is very common for people graduating from a school with a computer science degree to turn to companies for work. I see this all of the time. And why not? Work gives money up front long before any online business would pay up.

On the other hand the draw backs of a real job are astronomical. Work is exploitation. Do not expect to get equitable pay at a job. I think it is called paying your dues. This so called debt to society is basically working for nothing. As a result why not work for yourself for nothing. People who can successfully work for themselves have greater job security and control over their lives.

If they work online then there is not commute or need to live in certain places. There is no need to have to work over the holidays or not take a vacation in 10 years. People who do their own work control their own product and their destiny. I think many people who once worked at Yahoo have now got the message.


How Can I Create An Online Business That Takes Major Credit Cards

The real power play in the pay pal alternatives game goes by the name of Power Pay Affiliates. Maybe this is just their affiliate program but the concept makes a lot of sense. Bloggers, online business folk and others trying to make mad money need simple credit card processing. This is where power pay comes into play. Wow is all that I have to say! Have a good day! I think I see a bay! Am I right all of the way?


What Are Some New And Improved Affiliate Products

Affiliates Alert I suspect is the corner stone of affiliate marketing. Combine this with the greatness of click news to secret it up.

Tips tricks and affiliate back flips are mad cool. So too is making mad cash. Some people get into the surplus business. It may be good but I like the free affiliate feel. I also like the free of driving private advertisers and donors. I like building up web space.

That is the online dream to create a runaway money rush. Those 100k dollar checks you see people toting online represent the world dream to better lives. Think of online money like winning the lottery with perhaps a little more work. Try a Game Affiliate Program. Everybody likes games. The money you make from games will put a crazy happy smile on your face.

Smiles are good. Niche Store Market gives a great description of stores, niches and everything else that can and will lead to affiliate bliss. Just imagine the feeling when your store turns into a user generated content cash generating machine! Wow is all that I have to say. I would say that again but I am very paranoid of the whole duplicate content curse!

Why not get rich helping other people get rich? Then in this case you should seriously check the Forex Affiliate programs out! Forex pays big and often will give you a share of the initial income so people can theoretically get a lot of cash! In this case you may start calling me Johnny Cash even though I do not sing country music! That is how addicting and wonderful the affiliate life path is!


Google Adsense Success Stories

There are many Google AdSense Success Stories. This is no surprised because google has some of the most celebrated online money makers.

I heard one Google AdSense Success Story where a few people made over 100k dollars. This is a lot of $ my friends. What would you do with all of that cold hard cash? Would you save it or spend it? Bill Ives tells a few of these Success Stories. Wow is all that I have to say. Seeing those dollar values would place the yearly revenue big.

I wonder how that feels. The best way to make a lot of google AdSense money would be a sports website.

Jump with all of the secrets of earn via AdSense and ad boost wizard.

Talk about connections. Apparently Twitter users make more money with adsense than non twitter users! Leave your thoughts.


Bijan Sabet is a job about many things like networking, marketing, jobs and other related subjects.


Into Mobile

Into Mobile is a site about mobile devices.


Info Steals

Info Steals helps people find stuff related to online marketing at a discount price.


Digital Labz

Digital Labz has a good blog about seo, social media, marketing, online tools, and many other related subjects.


Alot Of Traffic, Little Make Money Online

Every serious blogger comes to terms with the power of keywords. They create the ultimate made for affiliate site with few conversions. So what is the problem? The traffic is good. But that last conversion was like ten months ago! The problem is one of words, of content secondarily and of context.


Only 2 Clicks

Only 2 Clicks brings your online social sphere onto one site.


Social Pile

Social Pile is a great site that brings together many social media sites.


Tweet Cashing

Tweet Cashing is a good blog about making money on twitter.


Twt Ad

Twt Ad is a way to make money on twitter through the use of online advertising.


Zoho Goes Mobile

Zoho is the app master of the online world. Now they are mobile. This is very good news.

In related news:
So too is this Luxist article. And according to Freakonomics oil is good.


The CEO Of Technorati Has A Job

I hope that the strange title will create a technorati traffic rush. Apparently the CEO has a blog. If I was the CEO I would still use google AdSense. I am hungry like that my friends. Always grab for the greens.


According To Google Cloud Computing Speeds Innovation

Those are pretty words my friends. Google spins tech poetry in ways that I could never even begin to imagine!

I always thought that clouds were permeable and now we are putting computers in them? No rather cloud computing is one more example of an innovative attempt at bringing the computer outside of the computer into the grand computer called the net.

This is what google is great at kinda inventing innovations like cloud computing. What is next thought computing? Oh really google already has invented that!

So what is google not the leader in? Nothing! Google rocks. Respect the G crew!


Cutting Through The Bubbles A Stock Investment Primer

I am not an expert investor. (I only play one on Television HA!) But what I do know is the value in a good dividend. I also know that stocks are the way to go. So what happened then? What happened my friends is too much trust in an arbitrary money system.

True millionaires only believe in real money. Here is a story. Two friends walk down a beach. Occasionally there may be a Pennie, a piece of sea glass or some other piece of 'junk' on the beach. On person picks up a piece of sea glass. This person says to the other why are you trying to find every lost coin in the sand. I believe the beauty of the sea glass is worth more than the coin.

This can be applied to the market. Companies that exhibit real value and are more than a typical ponzi scam are the real gyms in the stock market regardless of where their value goes. Pyramids look cooler in books and not in your pocket book. Put that quote in your face book profile or twitter page.

This will make you gonzo profits just words that rang true to your ears. The video game industry is a great play.


Administration and Internet Business

I was recently reading an article about administration by The Geeky Mom Blog. This article struck quite a few chords with me even though my reaction is not about the specifics of the article but rather applied generalities. The article refers to some kind of adaption of administrative work in academia.

Well this is very similar to bloggers who go big. Their idea becomes a fixture in the online world. Well now they have more ideas. They want to create more stuff without destroying their work in progress.

Collaboration comes into play. So too do guest bloggers. There comes a point where to maintain profit it may be essential to hire someone in charge of that blog project. This can successfully position someone to devote their year to your idea. If the right person is hired this can be a really good thing. It is important to hire people who are willing to pay the price for you, and put in the effort. There are many cases where other people make a top blog even better.

Administration can also control which feeds are caught by your blog's rss and atom catcher. Many people are good at administration but do not get blogs. For this you may need to familiarize them with some Blog Definitions. The world can not be understood without definitions or order my friends. Actually it can but if you want to design a job for someone to do in your online business instructions and parameters are appreciated.

Parameters cut down on time, increase communication, and lay out the ground rules for the job. If you do this you may even want to lay this job on a job board to create some friendly competition among the power bloggers of the universe.

This would be mad cool. Make people realize their great contribution to your blog. Where do you stand? Are you my friend?


My Friends 2009 Is The Era Of The Infamous Vlog

Web video is the future that is what a bird told me. That is the same bird that is on twitter! What is up with the Flip Video Ultra HD? I smell a vlog revolution.

The 90s (er 20s??) was the vlog golden age. Well the golden age has laid a golden egg. I call this the golden age 2.0 my friends! Yes you heard me right. Vlogging is the fastest way to line you pocket with pure gold emeralds! Greed for gold is what Internet marketing is all about. Live greedy my friends.

Put your videos on Hulu! I will link to that just because hulu is a beautiful word. Have you heard of Daily Motion? Catch a V wave with daily motion! If your video wave is grand enough you may even get Sharon Stone in one of your videos! Do not pull a Take Vid rather make a Keep vid!

All Vloggers need a really good Lap Top. Would It not be great if this banner below showed you winning this coveted piece of techno equipment!?