Why People Care More About Your Opinion than Anything Else

There is an old saying in the make money online sphere that we do not care what you had for breakfast. But we do care what you think about things. The best blogs on earth, the most popular blogs, and the most well liked blogs are a collection of opinions. Very little in the way of content, teaching, or giving back rarely occurs on the most profitable blogs. We hear one line of the news followed by a hundred pages of misguided opinions, followed by reader reactions, and other blogger reactions. Emotion is what precipitates through social media. This is why people troll everything. Trolls are not a bad thing but generally people who challenge the communities and can step over the line. Why for example would people leave a blog comment, or link to another website for any reason other than to react. Reaction is another word for link on many sites. I believe for a blog to go from post one to number one on earth there needs to be clear beliefs and opinions that facilitate to some degree a desire for the readers to become mentally engaged in the content.


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