Why Is My Blog Not On Google

I hear this a lot. People have trouble getting their content onto google and other search engines. This can happen for a variety of reasons. The first and most common reason is that people put into feed burner or into their blog options to not index their website. This can sometimes just happen as an error too. People often see a money making blog go to no money over night. The second most common reason can be where the blog is made. Some blogging platforms are closed off to the Internet. Because of this people can blog for their friends but the content is not open to spiders and robots that collect google search materials. The third most common reason for not being indexed is a fatal flaw in the coding, programming, template or anywhere else on the blog. There are certain things that the spiders may pick up and are commanded to leave a site or feed alone. Search engines pick up sites relatively quickly so the whole concept of wait a month or whatever is going around is absolutely ludicrous. Find the problem and fix it.


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