Why Is Google Better Than Yahoo

Comparing google to yahoo is like comparing apples to oranges. Google has revolutionized the advertising game and has had many successful aquisitions and startups. Google is now one of the biggest innovation engines on the internet. Yahoo on the other hand is a more traditional search engine community site. Yahoo is a social hub for many people. Yahoo has many talented people working for itself and continues to do well. When comparing google to yahoo we have to consider scale as well. Google is a much bigger company that hires more people to do more stuff. Google's innovative algorithm is both great in its ability to create good search results based primarily on link structure but to maintain the algorythm is time intensive and difficult. Neither google or yahoo have their hands on some important realestate on line as well so one could argue both companies have blind spots. For example both yahoo and google have numerous social media properties but neither company owns some of the alpha sites. On the other hand google is an innovation center and has created new and unique ideas like an online live encyclopedia, sophisticated map system, and is the new age center of blog search. Yahoo on the other hand has the best photo site on earth, zillions of yahoo groups that people are very active in and ties together online chatting and the social thing into a dynamic and amazing web property. To conclude no site is better and most people like both google and yahoo. What is your opinion?


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