Why Internet Businesses Fail

Business on the Internet is extremely volatile. Add to this the fact that many people are trying their hand. What does this all mean to you and your Internet business revenue generating website? It means that you ideas may simply not do that good. Anyone who has had websites up in the long haul know that crazy good ideas one day seem horrible the next. As a result many sites end up not being kept up and join the ranks of failed sites. Even big companies have extreme failure on the Internet. Open source software projects are so innovative that for instance even a corporation with all of its funding cannot keep up. An example of this is the many companies that have tried to make a blogging medium or user generated online social communities online to have their dreams dashed by some new great open source script than any person with web hosting can install and go. Google is an exception because it is run alot like an open source project. That is why blogger for instance has been innovative enough to day in and out be a major player in the blogging world. Without third parties generating apps, and user generated goods and services most Internet companies are doomed. In this doomed pile only master marketing can save them. Marketers have a special niche. Many people have the skills with technology but have problems getting their ideas to the top.

Marketers can help with this in a collaborative effort that usually is a rev share for a contracted time. There are many cases of programmers and marketers getting together at a seminar, or at a coffee shop and leaving a few months later with millions, billions or more dollars in their pockets. This is why if your site fails just link off and try again. After a failure you bring all of the skills you learned and inner personal growth with it. Because of this usually the people who fail the biggest online also succeed the biggest.


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