Why Blogs Monetize More Than Forums

Blogs make more money than forums is a generalization but at the same time there is some truth to it. Bloggers unlike a forum can drive the content. Bloggers can play into the needs of social media, search engines, and use marketing tactics to drive home the ad revenue. Forums on the other hand tend to not be as key word rich, they tend to have off topic rants and in many cases like all social media people develop ad blindness. As a result in a forum you would be monetizing far fewer people than those that are on your site. This is not a bad thing. Forum sites can make a lot of money in a passive income sort of way. Like why blog when we can just set up forums around key words and make a lot of money while others produce the content. I firmly believe that regardless of what you are into, affiliate product sites, blogs, social media, commerce, that not giving forums a try because they may not monetize as well as a blog is crazy. If it is the case then use the forum to promote your own blog, or online business for max revenue. Getting people to go may turn into links so in effect you are leveraging your own social media site. Forums are also just fun. As the meme goes they may not make as much as product review blogs but forums are undeniable an important piece of information for people on the search for that rare good honest people to people ideas.


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