Why Blogs Are Useful

Blogs are extremely useful to bloggers. Blogs drive traffic to advertising and business. As a result there is a direct correlation to money made and blogging done. Readers of blogs take in information, participate in the community, and promote their own things. From a larger perspective blogs are the new thing. They shape lives of people, empower people, and enact change on the world much like anything on earth. The computer is increasingly the mode that is bringing real people together to solve real problems. These dilemmas include things as simple as I need money, I need a job, to as complex as discovering new energy in the universe, and answering the question is there life out there. Bloggers have a unique obligation to themselves and to other people to be more truthful and more open minded because of the unfiltered mode of the media. If I say something that is bad or other people disagree I will hear about it. If I make a poor case people will fill in the better answers. And if I try to brainwash people I will hear about it. Blogging is probably because of this one of the more honest forms of writing there is. People can push and pull, manipulate the dreams of others but there will always be the counter argument and a community of people coming to new conclusions and solving new problems. Because of this blogs move information around the world quickly so it can evolve.


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