Why are Social Networking Websites Bad

Social networking websites like anything else are both good and bad. Social networking sites are good in the fact that they are constructive outlets for people's time. Social networking is as much a journey in knowledge as it is fun. With the increased distribution of smart phones, micro blogging instant messaging communities, and the growing demand for communication will make these social communities important information highways bar none. Online marketers are able to leverage online social networks to get profits, students get jobs, and people connect. The possibilities are endless. But there online social networking sites like everything else in life carry a certain risk. Bad things have happened because of them and will continue to happen. Bad things happened before social networks arrived and will happen after. A major problem in social networks is that people let their guard down. After all the theory goes why not give my personal contact information to the world 'everyone else is doing it.' I think we have all been there. I will be the first to confess that my face book page told me more about myself than I had told anyone. The anonymity of the social networks is more apparent than real. All information gets out. Putting personal information in these place can cause major issues and is the equivalent of standing out on the street in New York City and handing out your social security number, address, birth date, name, age, likes, or anything. Because people put themselves out there in social communities there is a tremendous ability for emotional abuse. The Internet is more crowded than any city on earth and these highways there is much road rage. Anyone who has a profile up has had a friend, acquaintance , or stranger make them feel bad. I think it is important to educate people to not take others so seriously as much of this trolling of online social communities has shown to make people very sad. I personally believe that the good that goes on in online networking sites outweighs the bad, and the amount of money that is made in social media ensures that it will never go away. When people attack others in blogs and social media I have found usually the problem lies in the instigator who many times has issues. At the end of the day we do not regulate everything and that is particularly true online. What are your opinions on this?


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