Why are Blogs So Popular

I really do not have a true answer to this. Blogging has been around awhile and continues to be an important part of the social media landscape. In many ways blogging is an extension of social media rather than the center of it but the mystique and desire for people to put stuff onto the Internet is the great driver of blogs. People can actually own their blog unlike their social media profile that will disappear if the site goes away. Fundamentally blogging is a currency that is traded in social media sites. Many of the best sites that I have found on the internet I discovered on the facebook. Beyond blogging's integral importance in social media, the blogosphere is a social media entity unto itself. If you could imagine this world is one onto which most people on the Internet have stood. Because the blogosphere has no real home and embodies the true meaning of the Internet it is in effect its own self regulating network of entities that drives technology, social interactions, commerce, public opinion, successes and failures. The dynamic content and ability of a blog to truely represent something has allowed an individualistic quality that has driven many people to create amazing works. We can all name great authors and now we can name great bloggers, micro bloggers, web personalities, and the like. That to me is what the Internet is all about and blogging always brings to the table something new. Please leave a comment.


Anonymous,  November 28, 2011 at 10:49 AM  

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