Why are Blogs Important

Blogs are a piece of the puzzle for many people. Whether they read or write blogs many people like what is happening in the world of blogs. Companies have mobilized and begin much advertising in the blogosphere. When there is money behind something it intensifies. Blogging at the moment is unstoppable. Blogging is the new book or the new movie and from blogging has emerged the infamous dot com life. People are increasingly spending more time on the Internet and the user generated content gives them a stake in the pie whether they make fifty cents a day or a hundred thousand dollars a month and everyone in between it does not matter. Bloggers are many times united by common threads and ideas and their voices would not have been heard in the 'real world.' Because of this blogging is very empowering. Blogging empowers unemployed people to turn into marketers, or silent people to express an opinion, or people to post images and videos of their day to day life there is a time and place for all of this in the blogosphere. Because blogs are one of the best ways of driving traffic to a website, blogs have become a part of many businesses who have had trouble getting any eyes on their corporate pages. Blogging increases sales, money made and ultimately happiness.


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