Why Are Blogs Good

A blog is a simple but revolutionary way that content is presented to the world. Before blogs and websites for that matter the media controlled every aspect of life. Now people can start blogs for free, express themselves, get ahead in life and have a great time doing it. Blogging is as much a journey of learning knowledge as it is anything. When we are in school for example we work and learn then in the end all that we learn we forget and all of that work that we did on paper goes in the waste paper basket. With blogging on the other hand much of our work is saved in this surreal time capsule that people will interact with in real time for years to come. In most cases if the feed is preserved our work may last many times our lifetimes which is a phenomenal feat. One day there will be cyber archaeologist finding all of these blogs on the old Internet. I think fundamental in the blogging experience is communication, collaboration, and creativity. As bloggers we must communicate with the world, know who reads our sites, and exchange info with our friends all across the social media world. As bloggers we must collaborate with other bloggers, and people of all professions, walks of life and experiences to create something bigger and better than just reality itself. And finally as bloggers we must be creative. In our journey to crack the code to making a good blog we must remain who we are and ultimately create something that we our selves would actually use. The blogger's journey is that of one of utility. Bloggers enter the blog for a reason and readers read and join the community for a reason. When the motivations are in synergy the result is an extremely successful blog. And when the blogger is not up to energy the readers will not meet in this online space with the same energy. Blogs are good for all of the same reasons books, film and art are good. Blogs allow others to be stimulated, imaginative, and excited. Blogs make people laugh, cry and be angry. A blog is ultimately a thing of emotion. We are not just a collection of lonely souls staring into cyberspace but a united community no different than anything of real people meeting for a drum circle, or for cups of tea. Blogging is much like that we pass words, information, and knowledge much like a drum circle passes rhythm and a tea party passes sweet tea and conversation. At the end of the day we are both bigger than this world and immersed in it. Blogging makes us feel alive. When we see hundreds of people collaborating on YouTube we know this is what the philosophers since the beginning of time had been talking about, and it has come now and we are every day taking blogging into the future. Blogging is us and we are one.


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