When Blogging Goes Wrong

In my mind a blog can never go wrong. But in the eyes of a marketer there are a few litmus tests that determine if a blog is not doing well. First of all if the traffic never really bursts than from a marketing stand point a blog is doing pretty bad. If I do not personally immediately see some kind of result quickly I usually ditch the blog and only blog it when I am bored. Many marketers put a moratorium that after 6 months if there is not a significant traffic improvement then the blog is ditched. Good blogs can usually break the Alexa top million fairly quickly then even when posting stops hold quite a bit of viral traffic. For me if a blog does not hit near the top one hundred thousand with some time spent on it I usually retire the blog because the idea may not be going. When this happens I put more focus on marketing on the next site and learn from my mistakes. The number one reason that a blog does not get enough traffic is that the content is literally not useful. The more useful the site the more traffic a blog will get and the less likely the site will turn into a ghost town. Once a blog gets good traffic in some ways nothing else really matters. Well some things do matter. Sometimes blogs get hacked or have problems that do not change even when the template is changed. Some bloggers just populate the site with ads, link to their next project and call it a day while others will scrap the whole site and start anew on the domain. Other problems some bloggers have is merely animosity among their readers. Some controversial sites sometimes run themselves off of a cliff. People can be pretty crazy online and many times this negativity can be targeted at a good intentioned blogger. One of the biggest blog complaints as of lately is the inability of advertising to work well on make money online sites. I could not tell you if this is a real trend or not but blogs in general can loose their market. The money could dry up regardless of what the blogger does. Targeting hot industries can greatly increase the success of a blog and its ability to monetize well. My most profitable sites are definitely made for advertising sites. It feels spammy to make them but there is nothing spammy with the money in my affiliate accounts. I would highly encourage marketers to go this route. There is always an obvious market that is going nuts and to jump on is a smart move. Many times it is not what the blog is about but how specific it goes. Some blogs do not differentiate themselves in their niche and just appear to most people to be a carbon copy of all other blogs in their niche. The make money online niche especially is awful. The top blogs all seem to run the same affiliate deals on the same day pretty consistently and bring the same meme to every one. The money niche might be packed but just bring something fresh every day could quickly take your site into the top 100 blogs. Because that is the nature of blogging. It is essential to be original and do what is best for your blog and not what you think other people think a blog should be.


Martin March 21, 2009 at 4:36 AM  

The journey of Alexa- The Web Information Company has never been a smooth one. Alexa that has been in the scenario almost from the start of the Web had seen immense growth and popularity and then a pretty morbid phase. However, it went back to the drawing board and sketched out new ways to pull back the company to steadiness. Several new innovations and changes have been made to Alexa since the time of its inception partly to stay in sync with the changing times and demands and partly to combat its competitors. As for example, till some time back the popularity of various websites was measured by the data collected from the users of the Alexa toolbar. However, the company went for a change in April 2008. Today other factors, apart from the Alexa toolbar, are also taken into account to determine the popularity and traffic of a given website. However, the point to ponder is that the “other sources” that are determinant of a websites Alexa rankings are not clearly cut out. They are vague and misty. Nevertheless, Alexa is still one of the most credible and powerful players of the web.

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