What Your Blog Really Needs: 11 Things Bloggers Can't Do Without

1. A different title, URL and approach. Some ideas take way too long to precipitate.

2. More posts. I do this a lot where I am afraid of posting because I do not want to mess up the new blog feel. Well it is hard to really mess up a blog. Start those posts.

3. A return to the basics. Why not strip down to a 3 or 4 column basic template with a personal design up top.

4. More inspiration. Be inspired when you post. Do not always work so hard at it. Do at least one post a day that takes no effort just organizing information you know completely off the top of your head.

5. Spell check. Capitals. Other punctuation and grammar.

6. More attention. Spend less time reading other blogs and really focus on yours for a few hours a day.

7. A change of blogging mediums. Just a new template or trying blogging on a new medium can really change how you feel about blogging.

8. Some time off. Your traffic will really go nowhere. Not blogging decreases the initial post surge traffic but increases deep blog traffic. The search engines will start to turn towards the older posts and find ways to further incorporate them into the search pile.

9. A hotter intro, about, titles, and other things that create first impressions. Many of the top bloggers leave up certain posts on the front page for years. Good posts are timeless. Keep them on the front page or their links on the front page.

10. Tag clouds and post generators to help new visitors conceptualize how your blog fits together.

11. More video. The media and pictures can add much needed splash to keep people's attention to the blog.


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