What is the Best Way to Blog

Blogging takes on many forms so finding the best way to blog is exceptionally hard. Ad to this that many top bloggers are rule breakers it makes it very hard to write this. The first step to blogging is choosing a blogging medium that is right for you whether it be myspace, wordpress, blogger or drupal one must weigh the pros and cons of the various mediums. Once a blog is chosen the layout must be tweaked and original and there must be some good content for people to enjoy. The content is especially tricky. As a general rule the more useful the content is the more people will want to stay at the blog. If there is little reader engagement then the content may not have a personal level to it. Many of the best bloggers bring their self into the articles and often state opinions many of which people do not like. This comes with the territory. In blogging if people say they like a particular micro chip a post can quickly become controversial. Many of the best blogs a lot have significant bookmarking that many times comes in wordpress themes and plugins and resembles the whole add this phenomena. These social bookmarking links break down barriers to blogs going viral which is kinda the point. Most bloggers who want to succeed crave traffic, attention and links. Driving links is no easy task but may be accelerated by blogging on the hot topics.


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