What Blog Software Should I Use

There are many options in the world of blogging as far as software goes. There are many great scripts and I would recommend anyone to try them all. The hottest blogging script now is wordpress. Wordpress usually is used through your blog being hosted by a web host unless you own the servers and you do that your self. Wordpress is easy to use and has so many great themes to make your blog look professional. Wordpress is light, and quick and does well with gigantic and complicated posts in ways that other blogging mediums do not even come close. Wordpress is open source and as a result is continually being improved upon. Every year wordpress gets exponentially better. Wordpress has a variety of plugins many of which would be of Internet to an online business person. These plugins allow the robust wordpress to be infinitely extensible. Basically with wordpress creating a great blog is very simple. That is about all I have to say. Please leave a comment.


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