What Are Blogs and How Do They Work

A blog or a web log is an online journal that people create and is posted to a website. Blogs have feeds also like RSS which stands for really simple syndication that make it easier for people to read the blog and helps with SEO as well. Blogs are usually made with the help of a blog plat form where people have a field where they can controll everything on their site including posts, pages, pictures, widgets, themes, backgrounds and literally anything else. Bloggers also partake in the blogosphere which includes guest posting on other blogs, leaving detailed comments on other blogs, participating in various online social communities, vlogging, pod casting, bookmarking, participating in forums and doing anything else blog related. A considerable ammount of time and attention is divested in making money with blogs. The realization that blogs could be valuable is not a new thing but as of lately is really catching on with most people now realizing the importance of blogging. Blogging structrally works like a form of media much like tv or a book. Blogs are quickly becomming some of the most dynamic properties on the web and are even entering into the top 100 websites for traffic. Many online social communities have a blog function as well. For example myspace has blogs and many people have effectively leveraged their brand on. So do many other social communities. The dynamic community that is created because of blogs is what keeps bloggers going.


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